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Terms of Service

This is terms of our service, please read carefully

To start using our service, you agree to our terms of service below. If you disagree, we encourage you to leave our website immediately!

1.    Modification of Terms of  Service:

You agree that we have all rights to change any part of this Terms of Service without any notifications. You have to check this page frequently as a person who is using our service.

2.    Editing, Deleting & Modifications

We have full right to edit/delete any part of our website or file host that we’re supporting as well as changing the way how our website works.

3.    Download Content:

Illegal files & copyrighted material are absolutely forbidden to download. You claim full rights to download and use your downloaded content. We take no responsibility for any of your downloads! Our servers work as proxies and any download link will be disabled after a few hours.

4.    Registration:

-    You have to use your real email to register a new account. Use of disposable or inexistent email is not allowed!

-    Multiple account creation on 1 IP is forbidden!

-    Registering a new account to cheat our system is forbidden!

If you violate any of them, we have full rights to terminate your account.

5.    Sharing account/generated links:

You’re forbidden to share your account or generated links to anyone/any website. Doing this will lead to your account termination. In this case, no refund will be made.

6.    Refund Policy:

-    In 3 days after paying for your membership. If you are not satisfied, we will refund you without asking any question (only applied to plans from 1 month).

-    To be refunded, your account must be determined as legal (check #4). You & you only have used your account since paying for your membership.

-    If your payment method was cryptocurrency, you must pay for the transaction fees when we refund