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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be changed at any time. Agreement relating to confidentiality.

1. IP Addresses

Our site can detect your IP Address and use it for internal purposes (registration on the site, optimal use of downloads, protection against thieves, etc.)

2. Email Address & Password

Your email address will be stored on our server when you sign up for an account. Your password will be encrypted with a strong algorithm before getting recorded and cannot be reversible (even for us).

3. Download History

For guests, your download history will be deleted automatically after 60 days

For members, you can easily manage your download history on "Download History" site. You can choose to keep them or delete them if you want

4. Use of Cookies

We use cookies to improve your experience. It will be used to keep your logging in status (you won't have to log in again until you log out or clear browser data). We do not use them to track your activities or for any other purposes

5. Payment Information

We use 3rd sites to handle your payment. Your information will be processed via https and totally encrypted.

6. Data sharing with third sites/companies

Any data of yours will only be saved on our server. We won't share or provide it to anyone/any companies. If you wish to delete your account & other relating data, please contact us.