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Thanks for your interest but right now, our payment system is being developed. Therefore, you won't be able to upgrade your account automatically by choosing a plan and make a payment!

At this time, we only accept you to make a small donation ($2.5) to be a Sponsor (*) for 1 month. For those who are sponsors, you will:
Get the direct link (no ads, no need to do anything to get the download link)
- Not have to wait for the previous link to have generated before generating another one (You'll be able to generate up to 10 links with a click)
- Have your link streamed without downloading
- Have higher limit (Please check on this page to know more)

To upgrade your account, send your donation to our wallet which you can choose below:

Bitcoin 3MQ1FTdrA4PU9ZUpi2LSJ6Xx45NHV1bgwY
Bitcoin Cash qzg4d86swpj7s9k4vpz8n345yvurq5rcdy0du67all
Ethereum 0x57E0777b87b1b51d31a56E52bC2144F1d2Be7a44
Litecoin MGSAKdHbaWaeyUkRKJPVe2KaobVgp2rPA9
WebMoney (WMZ) Z033708310738
WebMoney (WME) E387808699230

Please write your email in the description so that we could upgrade your account immediately as soon as we get your donation!

* Notice: For other payment methods, please contact us on Facebook (inbox us). We'll upgrade your account ASAP when we get the notification about your donation (usually a few minutes, but could take a few hours)

(*) This is a plan for the sponsor who helped us by donating us. We'll do our best to help the sponsors feel less annoyed by any limitation for free user. But to be honest, a sponsor is just a free user so we don't guarantee anything. If you're looking for a qualified service, please check the Premium plan (coming soon)