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Last News

2019-03-24 00:30:15
[Free & Sponsor]: has been fixed & has been REMOVED! for Free/Sponsor users has been fixed! 😊
- has been removed from our Link Shortener due to its problem.

2019-03-19 14:48:09 is now working again (all plans)

Hello, we're really glad to let you all know that after being down in the last 2 months, for Sponsor/Free users is now working again. For Premium users, it is now working perfectly ;)

2019-03-10 03:40:50 & are now supported! & are now supported! <3

P/s: Please notice that these 2 hosts are currently being tested, if something goes wrong, they could be removed without any further announcement.
2019-03-01 06:09:34
Hot News: is back & is now supported!
- is now back for all plans <3 <3 <3
- New host: is now supported 🤘🤘😁😁
We hope that you all will be happy with this ;)
2019-02-18 15:45:24
Turbobit.Net's limit has been increased for all plans
We're very happy to let you know that we've just increased the limit of, the new daily limit is:
- Premium plan: 7GB (increased from 5GB)
- Sponsor plan: 1.2GB (increased from 1GB)
- Free plan: 0.8GB (increased from 0.6GB)
We hope you all will be happy when you hear this. Cheer!!