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2018-06-21 08:29:58
Payment System is now ready!

Hello all,

We're very glad to let you all know that our Payment system is now ready. From now, you can easily pick a plan and then follow the instructions to upgrade your account automatically.
We're also developing the Voucher function and working on Paypal, they will be available soon 
If you have any problem with the payment processing, please let us know!

2018-06-07 11:50:44 has been removed! has been removed due to some problems lately. Sorry for any inconvenience you all got.

2018-06-03 02:23:58 is now supported! is now officially supported. Enjoy it ;)
2018-05-27 17:14:56's limit has been increased (again)!

We have increased the limit for today (+ 300MB). And now:

- For Guest/Free User: 1GB/day
- For Sponsor: 1.3GB/day

Hope you all enjoy it. Thank you ;)

2018-05-24 11:39:20 is now supported without ads and ready for streaming!

Hello, we're very happy to tell you that  is now supported. This is a free-of-ads host so you won't have to skip any shortened link to get your download link 
We also want to let you know that this host can be streamed. It means that you can watch your video online without downloading. Pretty cool, huh? However, this feature is only for our Sponsor members.
See you in next status 🤣